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Dawn Cassidy, Hair Stylist, Annapolis

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I have been having Dawn Cassidy cut my hair since I was in high school. I still drive from Arlington to Annapolis just to have her cut and color my hair, and not only that now I bring friends. She does an excellent job coloring, cutting, styling and doing updos. She also does a good job with men's cuts and used to cut my husband's hair. Her pricing is reasonable with most big salons, but I find her cuts last so much longer than other peoples, they just grow out well. She cuts curly hair very well and in a special way so as to avoid frizz and drying out the hair. I often go to her with outrageous expectations for hairdos. She did my Mary Antoinette hair for my wedding and has done anything from 1930s finger curls to very modern and avant guarde updos.

Dawn has a great eye for color, and can really enhance the way you look. She is also honest enough to tell you she doesn't think something is a great choice for you and has such a good eye I really trust her. She does continuing education all the time. She does scissor and razor cuts well. It is a timely process if you get color, but I think that's the case in all salons.

She's working at Morgan Gerard Salon which is really nice and relaxed. They have doughnuts and snacks, wine, tea and coffee and just make it a fun experience.


Katelin Moomau

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