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Rachel Hersh Van Wormer, Attorney, Rosslyn

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I have not personally used Rachel as an attorney, we went to law school together, and I am an attorney in another practice area and have referred her numerous clients. She did a very good job with their cases and all the people I have referred to her have been really happy with her service, and the outcomes have helped me resolve other matters for them. She is a young solo practitioner, but is extremely knowledgeable and has worked for good people and now assists some other immigration attorneys in complex cases. I have also talked at a seminar with her and was really impressed with her level of skill and knowledge. She is very honest and up front about cases and the possible outcomes. She is very diligent, professional, courteous and very hard working. Although I don't think it is possible that I would ever have an immigration problem, if I did, she would be my first call. I continue to refer her anyone that asks for a referral in that area of the law.


Katelin Moomau

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