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How to Smoke Wild Alaskan Salmon

Salmon & Sable

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Nicole and I just finished a smoked salmon class in Atlanta, GA that went

very well and we are getting really excited about this weekend's class in

Arlington, VA!

Please join us at Quincy Park in N. Arlington, VA. at 3pm for a smoked

salmon class/demonstration and potluck dinner. Please bring your favorite

dessert, side dish, salad or drink. We will supply the grilled salmon

prepared a number of different ways! This event will be free but we may

have a donation jar to cover expenses.

Nicole and I see this little event as an opportunity to show our

appreciation to our customers and to speak with them further but also to

have the opportunity to meet new customers and friends. So, please

bring friends and other salmon and fine food lovers.

While I hope to keep things casual, here is how I envision the afternoon


-About 3:30pm we will start the smoked salmon demo. This first part of the

class will be short and will simply cover the prep--how to brine and spice

the salmon as well as how to operate a smoker and a little about the

different wood types.

-About 4:30pm we will put the salmon in the smoker and move on to an early


-Hopefully the salmon will be ready to take out of the smoker about

5:30-6pm, about the time we are all stuffed from dinner.

-We will take the salmon out of the smoker and folks can either sample it

on the spot or take it home to taste later.

In this class you will learn my own tried and true and extremely simple

and quick recipe for making your own smoked salmon at home. In other news,

I am now a retailer of Smokin' Tex smokers so if anyone is interested in

getting their own smoker, I will be happy to show you how to make your own

free smoker from a cardboard box or you can place and order for a Smokin'

Tex smoker from me there at the class.

Here is a google map showing precisely where to meet on Sat. Oct. 15th.

This is the north side of Quincy Park in North Arlignton, VA.



PEOPLE WILL BE IN YOUR PARTY. Space will be limited to about 30.

See you there!

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