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Louis Marmon, MD, Brookland and Shady Grove

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When BLPreschooler was 3, we learned he had a small hernia that needed to be repaired.

Hernia's are repaired as an outpatient procedure but under general anesthesia. Not my first choice of something to subject my 3 year old to.

We were referred to Dr. Louis Marmon. He had a great manner with both the parents (straightforward and professional) and with the little guy (just a little bit of teasing.)

While I hope to NEVER have to do anything like this again, I would totally go back to Dr. Marmon if I needed to. He also has a great reputation as a mohel if you need someone to perform a bris.

Louis M. Marmon, MD


9715 Medical Center Drive Suite 300

Rockville, MD 20850

Jennifer Lowe

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Dr. Marmon performed my son's bris - warm and professional. I highly recommend him for any pediatric care. He provided tons of information before the event, helped me make sure everything was prepared properly and the prayers and words he spoke were profound and memorable. As for the care he provided to my son, he did a great job and was very patient with me who had just given birth 8 days earlier.

Nancy Bukar

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