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  1. Long overdue post but went there about a month ago with a food writer friend who was visiting from Chicago. Can't remember everything we ordered but OH MY GOD was it good. Especially the sable and the other fish (think it was cod or black cod). Also the burrata and the ricotta. And the drinks. And the dessert. It was all spot-on. I don't get to go out much so I really appreciated everything about this place.
  2. Had dinner there Saturday night with a friend - place was always busy. Great service and the food shines. One quip - the meatballs that accompanied the foccacia were salty (and I like salt). My daiquiri was delicious and I loved the spotlight on Portuguese wines. So glad I made the effort to go.
  3. El Ranchero is closed - heard that a Turkish restaurant would take its place. I went once - and never went back.
  4. Went to lunch here last week with my colleague who is Chinese-American. She said these are the best dumplings around. I let her order for us - two cold tofu skin appetizers that grew on me, two kinds of dumplings (pork and egg/veggie) that were delicious and scallion pancake that was excellent. My son devoured the leftover dumplings so I'll have to make it a regular stop on my way home.
  5. I've been haunting this place for a while (Love Sushi is my go-to in that shopping center - can't beat their lunch special) but was craving a decent sandwich so I ventured in before the holidays and got the Chicken Cheesesteak, which I customized by adding mushrooms and nixing the mayo. It was completely satisfying. Today, I stopped there on my way to work and got the Turkey Avocado, also customizing by, again, nixing the mayo and changing bread to pumpernickel. I'm now sitting at my desk enjoying a stellar sandwich. I think the turkey is fresh. And the people working there are really nice - they kept an earring of mine that fell out when I was there previously.
  6. Wanted to grab a quick drink and bite with a friend and I thought we'd try Stageplate, having read about it somewhere. Meh - they opened in August and their menu still has "coming soon" teasers of appetizers. There were two and we ordered both - calamari and shrimp. Completely average Limited options of wines by the glass. Entrees were mid 20s to 30s - not sustainable. And a very odd vibe - we both were unsure what to make of the place. I give it 4 months, tops.
  7. Met friends for drinks and light fare at the bar on Thursday night. Friend and I split two of the sausages - both delicious (sorry, can't remember which ones we had). Nice glass of rosé as well. I do like the vibe there and the lightness of the atmosphere versus places like Capital Grille bar. My one complaint . . . the bartender was attentive, overly so at times, but then was not to be found when we wanted our check. This happens to me often when I dine out and I just don't get it.
  8. Please dish - what is this place and where is it? Always looking to try something different at work instead of our yucky cafeteria.
  9. UPDATE on the bread - I emailed the embassy and they said "If you are close to an IKEA, I would suggest buying it there and bake it yourself. It is really good and you can add more seeds J Giant and specialty markets also usually carry pre-packaged bread – of course not as good as what you can get in Denmark.".
  10. And I just got back from 3 days there with a 7 year old so eating was on the fly. We stayed at the Axel Guldmesan hotel in Vesteboro - loved it. I did plan two meals - dinner at Mother (https://mother.dk/) with delicious pizzas and a lovely panna cotta for dessert. The pizzas were a lot like Pupatella. And had lunch at Nørrebro Bryghus and enjoyed a saison beer brewed on the premises. Servers were amazingly nice to my son and even discounted his meal. I had a salmon thing that was delicious. One other meal of note was in Elsinore - lunch at the cafe associated with Kronborg Castle. Only 3 items on the menu. Son had meatballs which were quite good. I had the traditional Danish herring with capers. Lovely. Hit the Lagkagehuset bakery in the airport for a danish (yes, really) and a loaf of the traditional Danish bread, which I'm having for breakfast every day. Wonder if I can buy it here . . . . might call the embassy to see. Loved the city as a whole and walked everywhere. It was a great trip.
  11. My friend and I, and our two kids, grabbed dinner here early on Sunday night after seeing a documentary down the street as part of the Environmental Film Festival (about a baby elephant, Naledi, and the demise of the African elephant population - eye opening). And we were pleasantly surprised with the meal, the service, the price. I had the portabello/eggplant on ciabatta with fries, friend had the fish (forgot which one) with brussel sprouts; my kid had pasta and salad, other kid had steak. All was delicious. I had a glass of zinfandel and friend had chardonnay - needed a drink after the movie. Dessert was key lime mango pie that was damn near perfect. Kids had ice cream with chocolate Nutella sauce. None left. The server was very friendly and sweet to the kids. I don't live close by but will be back again if I did.
  12. The last time I ate there, I had a meal (pasta, I think) that was so over salted that I could not eat it. What a shame - it was so, so good in the past.
  13. Got lunch here again today (and last week too) - the burrito desayuno. Yes, it's breakfast but I don't care. Subbed guacamole for the sour cream. The place was mad busy but moving people through quickly. And I love their salsa bar. Everything is so fresh. And they've got Mexican Coke in glass bottles. Great place.
  14. I grabbed lunch to go from Barking Mad yesterday when I was running an errand in the area. I had been wanting to try it for a while but it's just a scooch too far from my office. Got the turkey and brie on cranberry walnut bread with fries and a cup of Counter Culture coffee. Loved the vibe of the place, sandwich was delicious (my co-worker eyed it longingly) and the coffee was a bit overdone but with enough milk I still managed to finish it. The employees were friendly and accommodating. Will definitely make the effort to go again, and sit down this time.
  15. Read about this in Saveur - wonder if anyone is doing something similar in DC area? That’s the mindset behind Breaking Bread NYC, which for a small donation of $10 will provide diners listings of restaurants across New York City that represent the cuisines of countries impacted by the new travel ban. Listings of participating restaurants will be distributed each Friday to new donors, just in time for weekend excursions to Muslim communities across the five boroughs and Long Island. All proceeds from the project will go to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which engages in policy advocacy and representation for Muslims across America.
  16. I only tried it once (in Arlington too) and had a quick response with Eat24 - it's through Yelp. I've also used OrderAhead app and picked up the food.
  17. Couldn't find a post about this place so please move if I'm wrong. When my friend hosted book group, she got platters from here and they were delicious so I went with my son about a week ago. And it was just as good. They made a kid's plate for my boy with a kufta kabob, rice and a bit of carrots & potatoes in a sauce - he loved it but I ate the veggies. I had the chicken kabob platter with my chosen side of sauteed spinach and naan-type warm bread. Came with the yummy yogurt sauce too. I finished it - nuff said. Also had the baklava, a huge portion for $3.99. Really nice staff/owners, a few tables for eating in and a lot of people coming to pick up their called in orders. Website: http://www.arlingtonkabobva.com/
  18. Normally, I'd be eating Chinese food and seeing a movie. But thinking outside the box and wondering where my son and I could go for brunch or lunch on both the 24th and the 25th. Open to any kind of cuisine. We're in Arlington so I'd prefer places that are reasonably close. Thanks.
  19. Had dinner here last night with a dear friend/former colleague. We both really enjoyed our meal, with one slight problem (at the end here). My friend had a Manhattan before I arrived that he really liked. I ordered a sparkling rose (can't figure out how to get the accent on the e there) which was lovely. Appetizer for me was the cauliflower with olives - just what I wanted - and friend had the squash/fig/cheese appetizer. I tasted it and it was delicious. Entree for me was the gnocchi in a pork and veal ragu that was not a red sauce but milk-based - on the menu, it lists "milk" which was the giveaway. The gnocchi were pillow-y and the ragu was a perfect compliment. Friend had sea scallops with lentils - he enjoyed his meal as well. Dessert was lemon polenta cake for me, honey crisp apple thing for friend - both fine, not life changing. Server told us that menu changes daily so these items may not be there for long or even again. Now the issue - we both ordered decaf with our desserts. Very good coffee. And then I was up most of the night. I'm not particularly sensitive to caffeine anymore (thanks to my child) so I know this was definitely caffeinated coffee. Besides that, we really enjoyed the evening and the food.
  20. This is why we go to Super Pollo - maybe the chicken isn't as perfect but the sides are good. I love the yucca and my son loves their beans. And I think the slaw is good - but the fries are not.
  21. Thanks - we ended up at Coastal Flats - lowest common denominator. It was fine - I had crab cakes that comes with fresh slaw and cauliflower mash, which was tasty.
  22. Downtown Crown is in regular rotation . . . thanks for the suggestion.
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