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  1. While a bit of a hike from DC, if you're already in the burbs then KBQ has been turning out some really good smoked bbq in Bowie. Their ribs and brisket were top notch when i had them, as was their broccoli salad and key lime pie. KBQ Website
  2. I made a last minute reservation last night to satisfy my craving for Dino's delectable fare. The 3 Cheese Polenta with Braised Pork was luxuriously creamy last night, with just the right amount of cheese for a nice depth of flavor. The pork was nice although I think I prefer the mushroom version of this dish. My +1 ordered the Balsamic Porcini Flan, which was amazing. I loved the texture, temperature and the way the flavors melded and melted in your mouth. I was tempted to order this again instead of dessert, but was talked out of it(several times...). For my entree I tried the Triple Rack o
  3. The Fallsgrove location is probably my favorite from the 3 that I've eaten at for lunch in the past few years. The original location on Nicholson is my least favorite, but the cheapest. The other one just up the street on Rockville Pike is decent, but the Fallsgrove seems to be their "high-end" location, with a much more extensive menu and higher prices to match. Their dishes range from medicore to good. I liked the Thai/Chinese noodle dishes at the Fallsgrove location along with some of the stir-fries. Most of my lunch companions tend to go for their lunch sushi special which they generally f
  4. After reading a few recommendations about this place from Chowhound (Link), I decided to give this place a visit before fighting the hordes at the College Park Ikea. Its located in the Safeway Shopping Center on Fairwood Pkwy and reasonably accessible from 495 (~30 mins from rockville). Its in a fairly new stripmall, similar to Urban BBQ, with about 10 small tables and brisk takeout business. Very clean, including the bathrooms, with very helpful and friendly staff. They were almost empty on a Saturday for lunch at 1PM, so it seems to be a great place to go on the weekends for a hearty meal. H
  5. I had lunch here with my +1 and a friend on Friday. Like Dean, I must have driven past that center hundreds of times while doing my phd at UMCP, but never knew it was in there. Its a shame I didn't, because I really liked what I ate there Friday. I love Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap, and many places make a mediocre version(and many a pretty poor one). Often the stone pot just isn't served hot enough, so not enough char gets imparted to the rice and vegetables while it cooks at your table. This makes the dish a soggy mess, as can the vegetables themselves when some off ones are used or when used in wrong
  6. After hearing about this place on Chowhound, I decided to give it a try for a quick lunch today while running errands in the Rio Center. While this is definitely not a restaurant, I thought it was worth a new topic for those craving some quick Mexican near 370 in Gaithersburg. Its easy to find and thats about the best thing I can say for its location, since it is inside a Chevron gas station. The lot is cramped, but on the plus side you can fill up your tank and buy soft drinks or snacks at the main store while waiting for your order from the Taco Bar side retail space. The Taco Bar portions h
  7. I have to agree with you guys on the Szechuan beef soup. It used to be spicier and more flavorful from when I had it a few times in 2006, but I just stopped by a week ago for a quick lunch and was terribly disappointed in the bowl I was served. The red-hot dumplings were still tasty and had some kick, but I doubt I'll be ordering the soup there anymore. Then again, the rest of their small dishes are still tasty, particularly their cold small plates, but for Szechuan-style food go to Joe's.
  8. It seems that every time I go to Ray's the Classics, I fall in love all over again and wonder why I don't go there more often. With the recent addition of the outstanding bar bistro special, I no longer have any reasonable excuse not to go(except perhaps my lack of self-control with such tasty food). I went last night with my +1 and another couple for a low-key birthday dinner, and we all decided to try the bar special since the lounge area was not very busy. Despite that it was only the bartender(didn't catch his name) working the area, service was very friendly and efficient as always a
  9. "Promote literacy. Buy a box of fortune cookies today" This is by far my favorite fortune and has garnered a special place on my fridge in my past few apartments
  10. I went here to grab some quick lunch today and while not quite up to the same level as the original, this location is definitely worth going to for more authentic mexican than many other restaurants in the MoCo area that make the same claim. Being a quick lunch, I only tried a few of their offerings. Their Tacos al Pastor were quite tasty, with the pork chopped into fine pieces with a medium amount of flavor from the marinade, and the tortillas are a notch above the typical store-bought tortillas(ie: plastic) every other "Mexican" restaurant uses. The goat taco(Tacos de Birria) was ok, with
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