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Casa Dragones Tequila


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Yes, I had the pleasure of my first encounter with this tequila while on vacation in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a couple of summers ago. Casa Dragones Tequila is in a class all by itself.... unique and sublime, worth every penny!

I'd hate to just say "spam" but at $250 for a bottle of this stuff, you aren't really giving us any REASON to shell out that money.

(And it's your first post, and you didn't post first in the traditional place...)

So if you're not a spammer, tell me why I should pay that much for tequila. Convince me.

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I'm no spammer!!! I have been fortunate enough to have participated in tastings of Casa Dagones on many occasions, at the Mexican Embassy, at the Corcoran Gallery, and Hotel Matilda in San Miguel....before I actually bought myself a bottle.

I agree its expensive and if it were not for my multiple initial introductions, I probably would not have fallen in love. I truly think this is the sheet !!!

I have learned to appreciate the subtle effects of this tequila...and realized that a good portion of the buzz of any liquor comes from the toxic effects it has on the body, with Casa Dragones, it seems like I only experience the upper half...a most pleasant, ethereal buzz, and never a hang-over.

The complex flavors emerge slowly, and you can begin to differentiate the individual notes which come from the agave plant. I stand by my LOVE for this tequila. If you have not experienced it, you should, trust me.

I am not alone in this either, I also have spent a great deal of time in Mexico, and I know tequila's and tequila lovers and understand the traditions, histories and really- really -know and can appreciate how unique this truly is. I challenge you to taste it !!!


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