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AIR-DC Charcuterie Expert Seeks Work


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The greatest charcuterie expert in DC is seeking at least part-time work, preferably full-time, until the end of the year.

He's willing to do soup-to-nuts, prep, butcher position through the holidays. English spoken, resumé available, references available, etc.

"I'll even edit Elisir's menu," he says.

This guy is top notch - if you're looking for anything resembling charcuterie, this is THE candidate in the entire DC area...

Soup-to-nuts/prep/butcher position sought for now through the holidays. Qualified candidate, speaks english. Resumé, references can be provided, blah-blah.

I’ll even edit Elisir’s menu.

Please send your job position and potential salary to donrockwell@dcdining.com

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