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Veal Loin Bone In

Mrs. B

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We picked up a 4 lb bone in veal loin from Painted Hand yesterday. Would preferably keep it bone in for a festive Thanksgiving main (turkey sucks ventworm nuts imho and will never again disgrace my dining room). Is this a bad idea? I'm of the impression that the bone will add flavor but will it increase the chances of screwing things up? This cut is not the one with cute little bones as one would find in a traditional lamb loin. It's from further back on the animal I believe. The meat on either side of the bone is beautiful but of substantially different sizes.

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Consider boning it out in one piece and then tying the meat and bones together for roasting. that way you have the flavor of the bones and they can be easily removed for carving.

We ended up boning the meat out, rolling it and tying it and roasting it, dedicating the bone to a share of what turned out to be a fairly glorious veal-mushroom stock. As it turned out, Whole Foods had flown in some fresh chanterelles from Vancouver, BC, so we had a very un-locavore, very delicious accompaniment.

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