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Hey fellow Rockwellers,

This is my first post with DonRockwell, and I'm hoping for some advice and some restaurant folks who might guest blog for my site. I'm writing www.alunchboxblog.com and am seeking folks who might be at restaurants willing to review other restaurants or other dishes that they think are special and worth noting. The "hook" if you will, is that I go to restaurants for a great meal, and my hope is for great leftoovers--so the section on my site devoted to the restaurant reviews is called "Lunchworthy Leftovers."

I'd love some feedback about the reviews I've done. My Little Serow review is shorter than my other restaurant posts, and might be a place to start.http://www.alunchboxblog.com/a-night-at-little-serow/

Let me know if you'd be interested in working with or advising me! mcibellis@epe.org


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