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Kevin Nealon, MD, Chevy Chase


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Dr. Nealon's office is at 5530 wiscinsin Ave. Chevy Chase.

Dr. Nealon follows in his fathers footsteps, the late Dr. Steve Nealon, our family Doctor for my entire family, and legions of long time Chevy Chase and Northwest Washington famalies. I continue to see Dr. Nealon even though it's an hours ride from Emmitsburg, where I live, to Chevy Chase, where I grew up. It's not friendship, although we are certainly friendly with one another. The bottom line is Dr. Kevin Nealon, is a gifted Physician who listens to you, has tremendous compassion and knows the answeres to your medical questions/ problems. He puts your fears at ease and immediately assuages your doubts. Dr. Nealon is a healer of body and when needed mind, especially when one like myself tends to panic and think the worst over any health issue. His phone at home isn't off the hook after he leaves his office, and this good man is interested in healing, not Medicine as a business!

Tom Caulfield

Emmitsburg, Md.

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