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The Renascence Center, Mental Health, Arlington - Full-Service Facility with Caring, Effective Staff

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I've been going to the Renascence Center since I moved up here to northern Virginia in 2004 to help deal with my bipolar depression and, to a lesser extent, my ADHD.

There, I've met with two people. Dr. Alikhan was my psychiatrist when I was still taking medication. She is a very quiet, but helpful and insightful doctor, and helped me work through a lot of the side effects that said medication can cause. She also helped me out when I rather unexpectedly went off of them (thanks to someone stealing them while I was in New Orleans) and walking through the after-effects. I don't meet with her regularly any more but she's made it clear I'm welcome any time if I need any assistance, chemical or not.

Joli Fekeci there is my therapist, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I meet with her every two weeks to discuss my mental state, see how things are going, etc. She's very good at picking up on trends with my activities or thoughts that I might not have realized, and using gentle persuasion to help me stay on a better track. She's never judgmental, even though I am late almost every single time, and I really need to fix that habit! (Or, perhaps, go later than 9 AM! On the other hand, I never have to wait.)

They take a number of types of prescriptions and I've never had an issue getting an appointment, though they do sometimes have waiting lists if you are new.

The Renascence Center

46 South Glebe Road suite 103

Arlington VA 22204



SeanMike Whipkey

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