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Howard Stern on America's Got Talent....

Joe H

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I was a passionate fan of Howard on DC 101 almost from his first day after arriving from Detroit. I also happened to be in New York in his first week on WNBC when he started in the afternoon drive slot. I've followed him loyally for thirty years up until his starting on Sirius.

I haven't listened to him since then.

He's awful on America's Got Talent. He's just not part of the chemistry of the show. My guess is that for me, Howard Stern's style just doesn't mesh with AGT. Howie Mandel fit perfectly when he started-he became part of the show. But Howard is different. No, he's not gross-maybe he needs to be gross to be entertaining. (Or needs an Air Florida flight...) But he just doesn't mesh with this. My best guess is that he's in his early 50's (I think) and the sophomoric frat house humor no longer works at his age. Or, perhaps part of the problem: he is limited in what he can say on this. Still, the show is now the Howard Stern show, it no longer seems like the America's Got Talent that I became addicted to.

I just don't think he's strong enough to carry it. I must also note that a close of up of him shows someone who looks almost as old as me. Not the Howard I remember.

Sorry. I really looked forward to this. He's really bad...and inappropriate for this.

PS: Where's Robin?

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