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Organic Grace, Garberville, CA - A Family-Run Organic Alternatives Store (with Hypoallergenic Mattresses) Shipping Nationwide

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I had a tough time this year with my allergies, and in my search on new mattresses, in response to waking up daily to constant backaches, I decided to dig deep to find a solution to alleviate my allergies and relieve my aching back.

In researching mattresses, I learned about mattress chemical off-gassing as part of my research; couple that with being allergic to dust, I looked into organic latex options for my mattress (as cotton harbors dustmites).

Researching online led me to the Organic Grace website, and Talia Rose, the co-owner, quickly responded to my online inquiry. Speaking to her by telephone and email a few times, she and her colleague were very generous in helping me choose the right mattress combination for me and little man. I ended up purchasing a dunlop latex queen mattress (made by Pure Rest Organics) and different kind for little man.

I was able to get a coupon and coupled that with free shipping for mattresses, I got a very good deal.

Patience is required, as it takes about a month before you get your mattress (the manufacturer she uses makes each order in their factory), and then you have to assemble the customized mattress layers into a zip-cotton/wool mattress cover.

I have had my mattress for a month now. It was worth the investment. Changing the mattress plus my pillows (wool - ordered from a different website) has made my sleep better and pain-free. I also wake up without an inflammed feeling in my sinus cavities like before too.

Organic Grace (Talia Rose and Elliot Tigerlily)

906 Redwood Drive

Garberville, CA

(707) 923-1296


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