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Fishinnards and others, please note that current request is for vegetarian, kid-friendly suggestions only. No fish sauce, for example. Nothing searing in chili department.

I am preparing non-traditional spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce as picnic fare.

Plans are to make a garlic-scape paste in advance, perhaps with fresh fava beans and lime zest. Marinade, then fry up strips of tofu, then assemble wraps with shredded radishes, carrots, a little scallion and cilantro, an herb these children like. (They despise mushrooms.) No noodles or cabbage in filler, though I do have a bag of frisée and some Tuscan kale on hand.

If anyone has suggestions for making the tofu yummo, I am all ears. Ditto on peanut sauce.

Second, I forgot to pick up a head of Boston lettuce at the market this weekend. Should I plan on store-bought just as a way to keep the separate bundles unstuck for a couple of hours?

FTR, a search suggests no one has addressed this topic in the Shopping & Cooking Forum before, so I trust this can be of further use.

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Okay. FTR, I am making a marinade of coconut milk, brown sugar and grated ginger for before and after fried, then broiled tofu strips. Rolls will have a pesto of garlic scapes, cashews and peanut oil, radish and carrot. Peanut sauce only a teeny bit of Red Rooster sauce.

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