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Gentian Liqueurs (Suze, Salers, Avèze, etc...)

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We're living in a time of great bounty where gentian liqueurs are concerned.

Suze is once again available in the United States, and Salers is new to us this year.

Avèze is due here very soon, too.

Then, there are also the Gentian-Quinas, such as Bonal

I know several craft bartenders who absolutely adore these products. What do you like about them, and how do you, personally, use them?

I'm told that, traditionally, Suze is served neat, with tonic or with orange juice as well as a flavoring component in many cocktails. According to the manufacturers in Switzerland it's also enjoyed with Coca-Cola.

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Salers (full disclosure blah blah blah) is typically drunk with an ice cube and lemon peel. I also find it useful to use to provide an herbal, white-pepper edge to vermouths as complex modifiers to medium-bodied spirits such as pisco or good blanco tequila.

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