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Sushiko Chevy Chase hosts its 1st Event Series open to the public!

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Sushiko Chevy Chase is not hosting its first Event Series that is open to the public, starting off with the highly successful craft beer pairing, we are now moving into the interactive class area with Maki & Sake 101 taught by our Creative Director Daisuke Utagawa.

In this class our attendees will be taught anything from the art form of sushi, what happens behind the scenes in preparation for the restaurant, to how sushi rice is made.

They will be taught hands-on how to make some of the rolls on our menu including a Sushiko favorite...

And finally they will taste Sake, learn exactly what it is and where it comes from, and the proper way it fits in with their dining experience.

Guests will walk away from this event knowing how to make maki properly, and how to drink sake properly, and will be able to incorporate this into their next dining experience here at Sushiko.post-9808-0-18143000-1344091394_thumb.jp

This is one of many events to come, so if this specific event is not for you, look for the next one coming this Winter!

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