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Presidential Dining Out?

The Hersch

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Judging from the number of police motorcycles, police cars, Secret Service vehicles, and ambulances, and the route I think they took up Connecticut Avenue and east on Calvert Street, and the helicopters circling overhead about 45 minutes ago, I suspect that the President and probably Mrs. Obama are dining in Adams Morgan this evening. (I know the motorcade traveled east on Calvert, because I saw it; I assume it came up Connecticut Avenue by the police cars stationed at every intersection from at least Kalorama Road that I observed earlier.) Judging from the subsequent traffic tie-ups on both Calvert Street and Biltmore Street, my guess is that they're dining at Mintwood Place, although they could also be at Cashion's or somewhere else. Does anyone have any data?

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You know, Obama has a remarkable record of accomplishment, especially considering the obstacles that have been put in his path, but has certainly disappointed practically everybody in one way or another, and of course there's the whole Kenyan Muslim usurper radical communist tyrant thing, but when he looks at Michelle with that bazillion dollar smile, and when he sings "Let's Stay Together" for Al Green at the Apollo, I dunno, I still go weak at the knees.

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