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Langermann's, Southern-Inspired Cuisine in Canton and Federal Hill

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Neal Langermann opened Langermann's in Canton back in 2010 (I think) and a second location opened just a few months ago on Light Street in Federal Hill, appropriately named Langermann's on Light. I went to the new location recently and recalled that the building looked very familiar- sure enough, I've been there for a couple drinks when it was a different establishment. Based on my trip the other night, I hope that Langermann's on Light doesn't fall to the same fate as the prior tenants. The crowd was very scattered, ranging from young residents of the neighborhood to older couples that commuted in from outside of the area. All of the tables were spoken to from reservations, but we were able to grab two seats at the bar.

Outside was advertised that the restaurant was home to Baltimore's best grits. Now I don't know how stiff the competition is for that title, but I'm a sucker for grits and had to try it. In retrospect, I might have gone a little overboard because they were extremely rich. We started off with a small plate of scallops served over grits with tomatoes, bacon and scallops. I'm normally not a big fan of scallops, but you could taste the freshness of the seafood and I greatly enjoyed them. This was my first sampling of the grits, and I decided that I made the right choice in doubling up on grits after the small plate was finished.

As an entree I ordered shrimp and grits, served in a bowl with basically the same ingredients as the scallops but with andouillie sausage added in as well and much more broth. The grits being buried in the ingredients helped the loads of buttery grits go down easier and I found the sausage to be an excellent addition. The shrimp were shrimp, and overall the dish was delicious.

When paired with a Sierra Nevada Celebration, $5 during happy hour I believe, I had a very good experience for about $35 before tip. The staff was very friendly and didn't linger, and with the way the bar was set up it was almost impossible for us to be ignored. Not the worlds greatest review, but I'm fuzzy on the details from a few days prior and I'd rather err on the side of too little and be accurate than too much and mislead people. Overall, a very solid experience that I'd recommend for people wanting Southern cooking in the area.

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