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Sour/Wild Beers


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What is everyone's favorite sour and/or wild beers? For some reason I can't get Green Flash Rayon Vert out of my mind. I love New Belgium La Folie (I think I have a bottle or two in the "cellar"). I also love Petrus Aged Pale Ale.

I think my big problem is that I aquire these brews and then just want to let them sit and get really funked up (Anchorage Galaxy, Allagash Interlude).

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The Bruery Sour in the Rye is my new favorite Sour. It's got the requisite sour taste with a ton of complexity and funk! I've only seen it in Atlanta, but the brewer is in California, so I see no reason why someone shouldn't be able to find it lurking around somewhere here in DC.

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