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Saida Cunningham, Massage Therapist at 3000 Connecticut Avenue Across From National Zoo

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Saida Cunningham is the best masseuse I have ever visited. Friendly, calming, and knowledgeable, she is a real therapist who can work deep tissue, trigger point, etc.

She treats you like a friend and patient, and actually keeps written records of each visit, what was tight, etc. and refers back to them before your next appointment. Best of all, her rates are really reasonable, a 90-minute massage is just $95 and she does not accept tips. Office is right across from the entrance to the zoo.

Hands Down Body Therapy - website

3000 Connecticut Ave, N.W, Suite 108

Washington, D.C. 20008

(South Entrance)

Greg Watson

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Thank you, Greg, for recommending Saida Cunningham.  Based on your reference, I went to see Saida for a stubborn muscle spasm that had not responded to chiropractic or acupuncture.  I have been to see her 3 times now and I have seen the most progress with her treatment.  Saida is truly gifted.  I have been to many massage therapists over the years and I would rank her up there with one other as the very best.  I went to her for treatment, not a relaxing massage, and that is what I have received.  Saida can dig down into those muscle spasms like no one I've ever known.  It is not relaxing, it is painful, in a good way.  I am certain that Saida can provide a relaxing massage, but that is not what I asked her for.  Her fees are remarkably inexpensive.  $75 for an hour.  In addition to her professional talent, Saida is a lovely person with a great sense of humor and a calming presence.  I recommend her highly.

Laura Belden

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