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Regional Vet Referral Center, a 9,500-Square-Foot Veterinary Medicine Center with a Specialty in Cancer - Backlick Road in Springfield

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Regional Vet Referral Center

6651 Backlick Rd
Springfield, VA
Fax: 703-451-3343


Jim and I took our dog, Sophie, to the Vet Referral Center in Springfield, VA about 5 years ago when we found a cancerous tumor on her front leg.  The first surgeon said our options were to remove the leg or try radiation and surgery to remove the tumor.  Not wanting to nickname Sophie to something like Triopd Hop-along, we opted for radiation followed by removal of the tumor.  This was followed by a year of low dose chemo pills.

The doctors and staff at VCA were absolutely amazing.  Over the course of the 18 months of regular visits, Sophie was given such great care, which included lots of hugs and smooches.  She still bears the bald spot on her leg from the radiation which we have nicknamed the million dollar drumstick.  Sophie is still going strong all thanks to the dedicated doctors and staff at VCA.

Barbara Rice


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Biscuit Girl - I thought VCA stood for the VCA Animal Hospital in this region?

Regardless, I've found, although this was about eight years ago, they had the friendliest staff and cheapest Emergency Services out of the major pet hospitals around.

When my male greyhound had a neuro-autoimmune disease, not only did the vet neurologist examine him ever so gently, she also always patiently answered my questions and carefully explained things and options out for me.

I'm glad to hear this is still the case.

Mary Tang

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Our Beardie had his cruciate surgeries at RVRC, the latest being in June, by Dr. Tallat. She was gently, thorough and patient. No question or concern went unanswered. We've taken our 3 dogs (now 2 :( ) there for various reasons over the years and they're always great-- all of the staff.

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