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Brasserie Perrier, French Bistro on Walnut and S. 16th Street in Rittenhouse Square - Closed


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Though I haven't been in a few years, Alma de Cuba is a lot of fun and at least used to have terrific Cuban food. If you can't make dinner, stop by the lounge for mojitos and appetizers. If you can make dinner, the roast pork was out of this world. As far as Le Bec Fin goes, didn't there used to be a more casual sister restaurant called Brasserie Perrier next door? The web site to that place doesn't seem to work anymore. We had a wonderful meal there once, but again this was a few years ago. You could also try one of new Iron Chef Jose Garces' places, which get good press. I've been to his Tinto a few times when I got a hankering for Basque food and Txakolina, and enjoyed my time there a lot.

Brasserie Perrier is closed, unfortunately. Not sure what has gone into that space, although we'll be in Philly this coming weekend for Vetri on 2/6, so will report back.

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