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Our House - "More than a Comfort Cafe" in Locust Point

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I was reading this article/review in Baltimore Magazine about Our House in Locust Point and the following paragraph describing their drink ordering method caught me by surprise:

The food in front of us and on the menu, which includes salads (with homemade dressings), pastas, and classic Italian subs, all for $10 or less, made our mouths water, so we strolled over to the refrigerators filled with bottles of wine and a wide variety of beer. Drinks are self-serve: Help yourself, then simply bring your empties to the counter when you pay on your way out. That's right"”the honor system. (Take a moment to let that set in.)

They don't seem to have much of a social media presence at all or a website that I could find, just some mentions on your typical food sites. Really seems like they're trying to survive on word of mouth, so I'm gonna try and spread the word. It will be added to my long list of places to try.

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