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There may already be a report on Citizens Bank Park somewhere up there ^.  At 158 posts and growing, I couldn't check them all but hopefully this is of some help to someone.

Was in Philly and caught the game tonight (we won!  we beat Cliff Lee with 4 homeruns!  off topic).  It was my first time seeing a game there. $15 to park without a reservation.  Easy Broad St subway line transit between the park and downtown.

It's a very nice park with maybe top 3 in all MLB on food options.  They've done a great job (better than Nats Park here) in really incorporating local businesses among the concessions.  The overall design isn't as retro as Camden Yards, the Ballpark at Arlington, Coors Field, etc but, again unlike Nats Park (which is nice enough), Citizens Bank Park has some character.

A few culinary highlights:

- Bull BBQ.  by ballpark standards, very respectable.  ribs weren't dried out at all. sauce had some tang.  slaw was fresh.  baked beans respectable. And, no other than Greg Luzinski (the owner and hero of the 1980 LCS which sent the Phils on to their first World Series title) mans a booth there after checkout to meet, greet and sign. This place, at a ballpark no less, clearly takes some pride in what they're serving! Go figure.

- Federal Donuts.  along with NY's Donut Plant, these two seem top of the trendy donut heap at least in the eastern half of the country.  Only 3 choices on donuts at the ballpark location:  honey, cinnamon and strawberry.  Surprisingly good given all the compromises necessary to serve hot and at high volume.  Strawberry is a tad odd tasting. The other two are winners.  Didn't try the chicken.

- Tony Lukes. Yep, along with Pats two to avoid if you know the cheesesteak and roast pork sandwich scene in PHL at all.  But, at Citizens, this is a major attraction and it is local.  Got the roast pork. Thin slices but with good moisture, noticeably sharp provolone, equally penetrating rabe and a fairly soaked roll best to toss in favor of the fillings.

Supposedly they have some decent kielbasa around the park as well but didn't try that.  Likewise on a Harry Karas restaurant off left field.

All told, a nice place to see a game and, despite the reputation of the locals, no problem at all to be one of the maybe 2% in attendance (around 34,500 total tonight) wearing Nats caps. But, wow do they hate Jayson Werth (and Bryce Harper), especially on nights like tonight when things didn't go their way.

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Next time you need try the following:

The Schmitter:: The Schmitter is one of Philly's favorites from McNally's Pub in Chestnut Hill. There's a stand dedicated to the sandwich, and the line is usually pretty darned long. Grilled steak, salami, cheese, onions, and special sauce. [section 140]

Chickie's and Pete's: Chickie's and Pete's Crab Fries are the ultimate stadium snack. Sadly, there's only one stand to grab them (unless you're on club level), but there's more than enough cheese dip for everyone. [section 102]

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