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Lebanese Squash (Kousa)


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Donna, in what area do you live?  I am asking because I live in Fairfax and wondering whether I can grow what you grow. How much of an area do you devote to raising your bounty? What is Lebanese squash?

You can grow damn near anything around here, but it all comes down to how much sunlight you get.  The greatest soil in the won't overcome the lack of sunlight for things like tomatoes.  Trust me, I've tried!!

Lebanese Squash is often called Kousa squash (or Cousa).  It's much shorter than your typical zuchinni, but it's essentially the same thing.  The short size makes it easy to core so you can stuff it (rice, ground lamb, spices) and cook it.  It's called Kousa Mashi (my Syrian mother pronounces it sort of like Mek-shi).  Anyhow, it's a great dish.  Fire up the google machine for recipies.

I've grown a couple different varieties and prefer the darker colored skin types for looks (that's what I'm used to).  Pinetree Seeds sells a "plain" variety called "Cousa" which is a little pale (sort of like the one in the photo above).  Johnny's Selected Seeds has a variety called Magda Kousa which has skin that is darker green.

For more info on the different varieties see the GardenWeb link below.


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I'll admit I haven't tried growing squash, because they are so cheap at the grocery store, & I save my sunny spots for the Earthboxes, to try & grow tomatoes & peppers, but I have tried stuffing zucchini a couple of times-beef or lamb, sautéed onions, herbs- & as much as I love cheese, I usually have only tried Parmesan. One of these days, I'd love to have a huge garden, w/ lots of squash- even winter squash, I haven't warmed up to that yet.

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