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Amphora Bakery, Vienna and Herndon


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It's bakery is the former home of Mom's Apple Pie in a Herndon industrial park. It's a charming bakery with, overall, good cakes and pastries. I would still have this a notch or two below either Heidelberg or Pastries by Randolph in Arlington. I still prefer the original Mom's which has an "outpost" nearby and has moved their actual bakery to Sterling. Amphora is much more diverse of course.

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Has anyone been to Amphora Bakery, and if so what are your thoughts, etc...?

I won't go. Back when I was in wedding planning mode, someone suggested them as a source for the cake. I made an appointment , timed it to coincide with other trips to to Virginia and then called the morning of to confirm. They denied the exisistence of the appointment, told me I was lying and said they were too busy to deal with me. Nor could they reschedule the appointment--too busy.


I happened to drive past a few weeks later (after hiring Ann Amernick to do the cake--the single best wedding decision I made after picking the groom...) and stopped in. Two clerks, no other customers, not a single greeting, not a "how may I help you". I stood in front of the cases for five minutes and left without buying anything because they couldn't be bothered to help me.

I did know someone who worked there briefly and the food samples he brought me were nice enough.


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