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  1. Great American Restaurants typically does a nice job with their fries. Are fries like these and those offered at other 'chain' type restaurants typically sourced from Sysco?
  2. My beautiful wife is celebrating a milestone birthday tomorrow, and am taking her to Annapolis, MD for the day to sight see, shop and eat a great meal. I have researched a few of the restaurants in the immediate 'downtown' area and have narrowed the list to either the Severn Inn or Hell Point. Can anyone please weigh in on their experience with either of these restaurants, or suggest someplace else that would provide a terrific seafood lunch? Thank you so very much!
  3. Watched the Red Sox play another terrific game last night, and added Nationals Park to our list of baseball stadiums visited. Because we were in such terrific seats I only left the game once and purchased the hot, salted pretzels since most of the food offerings were way overpriced and didn't look too good. On the flip side, it is a beautiful stadium and hope my beloved Red Sox make it down again next season!
  4. Wegmans was having a blowout sale on turkeys at the end of the holiday season, and as a result my wife purchased a nineteen pound beauty and promptly introduced her to the freezer. In an effort to clear space for the forty pounds of strawberries we picked last weekend at Belvedere Plantation, the turkey was thawed and is practically ready to be cooked. On the drive into work this morning or a subsequent phone call thereafter Amberleigh suggested smoking this gobbler inside in our gas stove. I understood that while it would be easier to control the temperature inside the gas stove, the potential for the house to smell liked smoked turkey, etc... might prove to be an issue. Instead I countered that maybe we could rig up some sort of smoking contraption on our Weber gas grill. Can anyone who has smoked a turkey before please weigh in with either a suggestion, recommendation or helpful guidance? Is the taste better than a turkey cooked in an oven? Thank you.
  5. Grilled pork chops with Dizzy Dust rub, and a wet dipping sauce consisting of: spiced rum, apple jelly, brown sugar, chilli flakes, molasses and apple cider vinegar. Mashed sweet potatoes. All in all a great success, but would have been better had I taken off the grill five minutes sooner.
  6. Bodo's Bagels in Charlottesville, Virginia offers a good product for those of you passing through the area wanting a good bagel. http://bodosbagels.com/
  7. Has anyone eaten at Sports Cheesesteaks and Hoagie in Occoquan?
  8. I would suggest that you take your mom and aunt to Kincead's in Washington, DC. http://www.kinkead.com/
  9. I work in Crystal City and am way excited to learn that a farmers market is coming. In addition to the thousands of government contractors working here, there are also a number of condo buildings, etc... around to help fuel the success of this addition.
  10. Congrats to Mr. Landrum for being recognized by our president and vice president as the go to spot for the best burger. Now my wife will finally believe me that this is the best and agree to go with me.
  11. Saturday Night: Grilled NY Strip Steak, Marinated Sea Scallops and Wild Shrimp Steamed green beans with minced garlic
  12. We visited Bruegger's Bagels in Old Town Alexandria this past Saturday and have been very happy with the Everything Bagels we picked up.
  13. Thanks everyone! You guys are awesome! I will give this a shot in the next week or two and report back.
  14. Does anyone have a terrific recipe for an authentic key lime pie?
  15. My wife and I are hosting Easter Dinner at our house this year, and have decided to forgo the typical ham or lamb and instead cook one of Bob Kinkead's signature dishes - Pepita Crusted Salmon. The recipe calls for salvadoran crema but states that sour cream can be used instead. I know where to find the ingredient, however, unsure as to whether the two are that different in flavor profiles? The crema sold is a large batch. Can anyone offer any suggestions on what the left over ingredient could be applied towards? Thank you.
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