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Cycles "Gladiator" Winery

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Just yesterday I tasted three wines from these people: http://www.cyclesgladiator.com/ located in Soledad, California (Central Coast).

It is owned by Hahn Estates (http://www.hahnestates.com/) and they have a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Merlot that I tried.

The good news is, they aren't bad for $8.99* wines. Not world-beaters, but they are perfectly decent cocktail wines. I was fully prepared to not like them after seeing this mildly provocative label below


But I was pleasantly surprised to taste them and discover that they were better than "just palatable".

I can certainly find other wines in the same price range (or less) that I like MORE, but you could do a whole lot worse with these offerings. After the bashing that I gave some French label in this same price range recently, I thought I should pass along some positive remarks if I came across something in the same price category that was decent.

(*edited to reflect correct price of $8.99, not $9.99)

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News to me.  My salesman never mentioned that.  Thanks for the update.

As Craig just asked me, "What? There's no more Giant Chicken?" <_< He discovered the Rex Goliath, being enthralled as an alumnus of the University of South Carolina--home of the Gamecocks. We drank quite a bit of that until discovering (by Craig, no less) the Argentian Malbecs. Lord, we are suckers for labeling. (Let us not discuss naked redheads trying to straddle a bicycle, OK?) ;) Doesn't bear thinking about.
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