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"Ondatrí³pica"� (2012) - "Un Classico Moderno"� Project in Three Phases, Developed by Mariano Galiano and Frente Cumbiero


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What is Ondatrí³pica?  In short, the Colombian answer to Buena Vista Social Club.

From the YouTube album teaser:

"Conceived by Colombian musician Mario Galeano, the force behind the band Frente Cumbiero, and English producer Will 'Quantic' Holland, Ondatrí³pica brings together an all-star cast representing both the classic and modern styles of la musica Colombiana.

Over 3 weeks in January 2012 at the famous Discos Fuentes studios in Medellí­n legendary figures from Colombian music joined a group of younger Colombian musicians that included members of both Mario's band Frente Cumbeiro and Quantic's Combo Barbaro. The plan; "to re-interpret the tropical musical heritage of Colombia with new approaches in composition, arrangement and production in a classic and mythical setting."

ok, so their cover of Iron Man is a little lame, but if you like smoking latin grooves check out:

Linda Manana

Bomba Tropica

Cumbia Espacial

Dos Lucecitas

Donde Suena el Bombo

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