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The Souljazz Orchestra - Ottawa Based Soul, Jazz, Funk, Afrobeat


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The Souljazz Orchestra is another newly discovered band (for me).  Their 2012 release Solidarity is a nice mix of afrobeat fueled funk with a couple reggae inspired tracks thrown into the mix.

They are already promoting a new release called Inner Fire for February 2014 backed by a Canadian and European tour.  Hopefully they will make a return trip to DC (Rock & Roll Hotel in 2012, which was before I discovered them...doh).

Couple official videos up on YouTube:

Ya Busta



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SoulJazz have released their new album, Inner Fire.

I've given it a quick once thru.  I'd describe it as retro, dark, and smokey.  More on the jazzy side this time with some Middle Eastern/North African influences...something I would imagine you might stumble across in some back ally basement night club in Paris.  Music best enjoyed while engulfed in a cloud of hookah smoke while enjoying a stiff cocktail.

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