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Carl Tanner (1962-), An Outstanding Tenor - Performing Christmas Eve, 2013, at Central United Methodist Church in Ballston


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Carl Tanner's Website {after the intro, click on his picture to get to the actual website with more clips.}

If you have never heard of Carl Tanner, he is one of the great tenors in he world {he sings regularly in Vienna, Dresden and in other great halls of Europe, less so in the US unfortunately.}  His Calaf in Turandot is amazing.  I had the honor of hearing Maestro Zubin Mehta praise Carl's Calaf in person at a cast and friends dinner in Florence after the generale.  He also told Carl to sing Othello which he now does.

Carl is performing for free at his church on Christmas Eve.  If you are in Ballston and want to be amazed at a great voice, go!

To All my friends in the DC area! I will be singing ... at my church in Arlington, Va; Central United Methodist Church across from the Ballston Metro. ... Also, on Christmas eve at 5:30, I'll be singing O Holy Night. I hope to greet you all there!!
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