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Electronic Dance Music, (House, Techno, Etc.) And It's History With Washington, DC


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A friend of mine gave me a copy of SashaJohn Digweed's Northern Exposure circa 1996 and I was hooked.  I listened to that mix every day for a month straight.  I still listen to electronic dance music (a terrible catch-all phrase for the genre) daily.

The Washington, DC area has a surprisingly strong history with dance music.  Producers like BT, Deep Dish and Thievery Corporation were/are innovators in their fields.  More recently, the house/reggaeton mashup knows as Moombahton was created in DC.

The late and missed Friday night warehouse club night Buzz was one of the earliest and longest running club nights in America.  Today, clubs like U Street Music Hall (often on the short list of best clubs in America), Flash, 18th Street Lounge, and Glow keep the beats going.

Below I have complied a list of some of my favorite sets...this of course is only scratching the surface!

Sasha & Digweed:  Northern Exposure North

Sasha & Digweed:  Northern Exposure 2 East Coast

Sasha Essential Mix Live at Privilege, Ibiza (2002)

John Digweed & Friends - Sunset Cruise, Winter Music Conference 2013

Lee Burridge - Robot Heart, Burning Man 2013

Underworld - Essential Mix Live at Privilege, Ibiza (2010)

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