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Wanted: Me.


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Zora, Pat, and Linda are awesome forum hosts, but they're busy enough where they don't have time for what I would term "The Drudgery Series" - picking up the baton from Leigh, and continuing what she was working on a few years ago before moving to Colorado, making sure all threads in the Shopping and Cooking forum are titled and tagged correctly, succinctly, and with literary merit (and occasional good humor), and then making sure each is in the Shopping and Cooking Indexes. (If you're not interested in the Shopping and Cooking forum, we have plenty of others that have fallen into disrepair, and need shoring up.)

I'm a control freak when it comes to titling and tagging, so it's going to be very difficult for me to turn that job over to another person. But the truth is that I just don't have time to do everything (and, in fact, I'm not doing it at all right now (that's another issue of mine: unless I can do something perfectly, my natural inclination is not to do it at all)), and if you and I spend some time working together, hopefully I can impart my wisdom (another person might call it "quirkiness," still another, "OCD") onto you.

Another chore that requires careful thought involves merging similar threads together, or separating unrelated posts out into their own threads. There really are no practical limits to how much work could be involved here - but I guarantee you'll learn a lot by reading, and carefully thinking about, all of these thousands upon thousands - perhaps tens-of-thousands - of posts.

Once a thread is titled and tagged, putting it into the index is pure, mindless, drudgery, but it only takes a a few seconds per thread.

Anyone who's interested, please feel free to write me. I'll even make you a co-forum host if you'd like.

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