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David Brenner (1936-2014) - Stand-Up Comedian Especially Popular In The 1980s


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Here's to David Brenner, who left us today at age 78 due to natural causes.

First, let me share two pieces of trivia about Brenner that I didn't know about before this evening:

1) His widow is Tai Babilonia, World Champion figure skater in 1979, and five-time U.S. Champion in Pairs Skating in 1976-1980 with her partner Randy Gardner.

2) Brenner once told the agent of Robin Williams, who was apparently well-known for comedy theft (I had no idea of this, either), and I quote, "Tell Robin that if he ever takes one more line from me, I'll rip his leg off and shove it up his ass!" Good for you, Mr. Brenner, and I know just how you feel.

And now, the joke that I will always remember - perhaps Brenner's signature stand-up joke.

"I sat down on a newspaper on the subway, and a guy asked if I was reading it. I said yes, stood up, turned the page, and sat down again."

RIP, Mr. Brenner, and thanks for the memories.

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