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Fette Sau, Smoked Meats, Craft Beers, and American Whiskeys - 354 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg

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Some publications list Fette Sau as having the best barbeque in NYC, and based on my one experience I don't have any reason to argue that claim. Walking in, the bar to the left hosts a most impressive display of whiskey - the website claims they have the best list of American whiskey in New York City. We just ordered some pitchers to drink in line, which were almost gone by the time we got to the front 20-30 minutes later. Tip- don't go on a rainy night because the long line will leave you out in the elements, uncovered by the roof. Most of the outdoor seating area is covered, but the walkways are not. There's plenty of large picnic tables inside as well, community seating being the way to go. The meats are ordered by the pound and are cut and served up for you right there at the counter. Take your tray (or trays) back to a table and dig in. I noticed on the menu that they list the farms that some of the animals are from as well as a few other food sources.

Sticking to the classics, we had brisket and pulled pork, but everything in the window looked phenomenol. Off of memory, the other meats offered when we went were pork belly, sausages, baby back ribs, and pork short ribs. Of the sides, we stuck with burnt end baked beans (what it sounds like) and potato salad while plenty of rolls were provided with everything. The meat was succulent, juicy and smokey while still keeping the great meat flavor. (Side brag - my friend/roommate sincerely said he thought my brisket was better, but that's not to take away from their process) The baked beans were awesome, loved how the burnt ends worked in there, and the potato salad gave us a nice body as well. We gorged on everything, the only words spoken were about how good the food was, and we could have eaten much, much more - that should speak for itself.

Executive summary: If you're craving BBQ in New York City, go to Fette Sau - you won't be disappointed. They could stand with the majority of legit BBQ places throughout the rest of the country in places actually known for their BBQ.

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