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Sun Ra (Born Herman Poole Blount, Legal Name Sony'r Ra, May 22, 1914 - May 30, 1993) - Prolific Jazz Composer


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Happy 100th birthday, Sun Ra.  (amazing what you hear on NPR while driving the kids to school)

Really? Amazing. Had you ever heard of him before?

Sun Ra was certainly a multi-faceted individual. I'm not sure I would consider him "conventional," but he was interesting.

I mean, anyone who's responsible for the licks on Robin's Theme is alright by me.

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I was sort of a deadhead (more of a Phish follower, since the dead wasn't touring, but they don't have a cool name) through my teenage years, so I listened to all sorts of psychedelica and jam bands during that time.  Sun Ra was one of those artists who was always mentioned in that genre and I was aware of, but I don't think I ever actively listened to him.  I'm sure his influence was all over the music I did listen to though.  In a little bit of full circleness, tomorrow is the anniversary of his death.

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