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Ardbeg Day! (May 30, 2015)

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Today is Ardbeg Day 2015, the official release date for Ardbeg's "Perpetuum" (although some MoCo DLC locations appeared to be showing declining inventory weeks ago), in celebration of their 200th anniversary.  Ardbeg had previously released Perpetuum a couple of months ago in a higher-proof "Committee release" version available only at the distillery.

No age statement.  Several sites claim that production was limited to 1,100 cases, although one rumormongerer on Reddit claims that LVMH directed their master distiller to develop this blend now known as Perpetuum in a batch of 180,000 liters.  It would be easy to discard the report as unsubstantiated rumor, but one must remember that Ardbeg's total production volume is already in excess of 1 million liters per year.

Also note that Ardbeg registered five or six different names on label designs with TTB at the same time...it is unknown whether this reflects uncertainty over the final name, or the possibility that the same whisky may see future releases under another name.

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