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Latest Consumer Behavior Study: More Mobile Less PC: And more


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The latest report on consumer behavior for choosing restaurants, local services, stores etc just came out.  As with other recent surveys of this sort it indicates ever growing reliance on smart phones and increasingly tablets over pc's and laptops.

While PC usage dominates growth in reliance on smart phones and tablets is accelerating.   When considering choices what do you use?   Mobile, mobile apps, pc's newspapers, email, daily deals, review sites,????

As you read through the article I'm intrigued by the graph at the bottom.  Per category it shows wide variance in how people make decisions per categories:   For instance there is a significant orientation to choose a florist based on review sites versus the company web site.  As much as reviews are discussed here and elsewhere for restaurants, per the survey, buyers depend more on a restaurant website than on review sites.

What do you tend to use and why?

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