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Indian Ocean, Family-Owned, Ayurvedic-Style Cooking on Stone Road in Centreville

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I've never seen anyone at that Thai place.... Being a Centreville resident I thought I'd give props to where I normally eat.


Indian Ocean - Opened on Stone Road.  Standard Indian cuisine.  Very solid.

Second the recommendation for Indian Ocean.  We ate an early dinner there recently, and it was excellent.  The samosas got eaten before I could try them (which is probably a positive recommendation), but I did get a vegetable pakora, and it was the best pakora I have ever eaten.  I wish I knew how they got the besan flour so light and soft on the inside with the outside so perfectly crispy.  Nicely spiced, served elegantly (yes, elegantly) on a plate with swirls of tamarind and cilantro chutneys.  Mr. lperry loved his chicken korma, and I weenied out a bit choosing palak paneer, figuring it was a safe bet at an unknown restaurant.  I was surprised at the delicate spicing, the fresh greens, the aromatic, chopped herbal topping, and the paneer, which had the taste and texture of house made.  Our guest ordered the malai kofta lajawab, and I got a taste.  Delicious, balanced spice, and lovely presentation with the croquettes neatly arranged and sauced, another winner.  The naan was gorgeous: puffed with little, crispy brown bubbles, great flavor, and just the right amount of ghee.

Everything was very good or excellent, so much so, that we are trying to figure out how we can get out to Centreville more frequently, just to eat at this restaurant.  I haven't enjoyed a restaurant meal that much in some time.  If you are out in that direction, do yourself a favor and go to Indian Ocean.

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