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Marta, Chef Nick Anderer's Roman Pizzeria in The Martha Washington Hotel in Midtown East

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With Chef Nick Anderer at the helm, the newest restaurant from Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group hits the ground running. Nick is also the head chef at Maialino, another favorite of ours; Marta is Nick's and Danny's latest take on Roman cuisine, that of the Roman pizzeria, as a matter of fact.

That (a Roman pizzeria) means that in addition to pizza, there's plenty of other good stuff to eat. And eat we did - 4 of us scarfed down a good portion of the menu - there wasn't anything I wouldn't have again (well, maybe the octopus, but that's just 'cause I'm sick of octopus in general).

3 pies, beer brined chicken, a bunch of apps, cocktails, wine - we were happy campers. Here's the Margherita...


And a full blog post, with a few more pictures...

Marta, My Dear

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