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Cobra Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services, Owner Willy Banks and Son's Family-Owned Plumbing in Alexandria (HC)

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I've had a drain that has been giving me problems on and off for years.  Finally, toward the end of last year I managed to clog it completely.  I tried bleach, boiling water, other chemicals, and a gadget called a Drain King (a rubber bladder that expands and forces water down the train), all to no avail.

I've had bad luck with plumbers working on it before.  This time we got a good one.  I found Willy Banks and his company, Cobra Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services, through Washington Consumer Checkbook.  He was able to come out the next day and got the drain running well with his power snake.  He was thorough, making sure that his work hadn't clogged other drains (it had but was quickly cleared), and that the snake hadn't broken the pipe and caused a leak (it hadn't).

Snaking a drain was $185.  Considering what I've paid before for unsuccessful efforts, I'm OK with that.

He and his son are the company, and do full-line plumbing work.  I'd use them again.  Their phone number is 703-549-5761.

Jim Rice

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