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  1. A&J is doing great carryout. Everything is packaged well, soup broth kept separate from the noodles, small buckets for the cucumber, slightly larger for the dry bean curd, cilantro, and peanut salad. I picked up a big bag of things from A&J Annandale, and had an epic picnic in the backyard of friends. Bravo!
  2. I had an all Tennessee education, including the University of Tennessee, and I didn't hear about either until a few years ago. I didn't even know emancipation day was April 16 until I moved here, and that was only because it delayed tax filing. If it doesn't get taught, we don't learn. For me, I'm embarrassed that I wasn't taught this, that this is the culture I came from.
  3. News: Malaysia Kopitiam is back. Signs now call it Malaysian Kopitiam, and it is at 5085 Station Valley Dr, Centreville, VA 20120 . We found out about it from a tweet from someone, probably Northern Virginia magazine, Yesterday was their grand opening, after a soft opening for some time before. The flavors are spot on, as they were at the M Street location. More to come as I have time to write.
  4. You got it! And yes, it's a tasty dish. Nam prik ong. It makes for good bar snacking and sharing.
  5. Here's one that was very pleasant, and probably easy. Where did I dine?
  6. The comment about the size is throwing me. I'm going to guess Mike's in Springfield, which is big, but I don't think it's that big. But the descriptions of the fresh catch of the day and the nightly special make me think it's that, or one of the other restaurnants in the GAR family.
  7. It looks familiar, and I'm guessing from your comment is that it's a restaurant that doesn't get a lot of love on here. Is that hangar steak with mashed potatoes and mushrooms? And a piece of fish with shredded potatoes or something else, and a sauce. There's also what looks like the corner of a wire basket with paper in the background, probably a bread basket. Those plates and the wood table top look very familiar to me, and dang it if I can't figure out why.
  8. Spices does a few unusual dishes for Chinese New Year. The Eight Treasure Fish Salad is what Malaysian Chinese call yee sang. It is thin-sliced fish, usually raw salmon, that is served with shredded vegetables and tossed at the table by the diners to celebrate and attract good fortune in the new year. It is sauced with a sweet, sour, and savory sauce. We enjoyed this greatly last year. Spices Chinese New Year specials Yusheng, yee sang or yuu sahng or Prosperity Toss
  9. I stopped in with a friend for lunch. We shared the fried octopus leg (actually many small legs) and then I had the curry ramen while my friend had the kara-age chicken bowl. The octopus leg(s) were tasty, with a spicy mayonaise sauce, but were also chewy. I enjoyed it, but would have liked it more if it were a bit more tender. This was served with a pretty garnish of red pickled ginger and green onion making a flower. The curry ramen is very Thai, like Khao Soi with the crispy fried noodle bun on top, soft noodles in the spicy coconut curry broth with pickled vegetables, thin pieces of r
  10. I've been a fan of the San Pellegrino Pompelo soda for Palomas. The Ting is a little sweet for me. The Pellegrino has a nice balance of sweet and bitter.
  11. I'm now in love with The Kimmie, The Yink, and the Holy Gose from Anderson Valley. Not a skull splitter like the imperial IPAs I had favored, a mere 4.2 percent ABV, but loaded with flavor with the balance of a little salt, a little sour, and a little beer.
  12. We haven't dined out much lately. Having an elderly dog does this to a household. Mostly it's been lunches and the occasional weekend dinner out. One quick one has been Lighthouse Tofu in Annandale for a quick, cheap bowl of soondubu. This is our benchmark. This weekend, we were out shopping in Fairfax at Super H and decided to have lunch there at their Evergreen cafe. Prices were higher than I recall, about the same as Lighthouse. Fortunately, quality was also about the same. Barbara enjoyed the Kimchee Soup. It had a pleasant sourness to it, probably from vinegar, vaguely reminding me
  13. My Malaysian friend said he got a call from the owners who said that they have a few more days from the landlord - now it looks like this Friday is the last day for the place. So if you have any interest at all in Malaysian food, hurry up and go now! We went Saturday night to send the place off in fine style. There were five of us, including one Malaysian. We ended up ordering 7 appetizers, 6 entrees, and 2 desserts. I know that our friends had some take-home boxes, but not near as many as they should have. Standouts were the curry puff appetizer, similar to samosas but with a more deli
  14. Malaysia Kopitiam will be closing after Saturday's dinner service. I spoke with one of the servers today and she said that their lease was up. If you need some good Malaysian food, you had better get there soon. Roti canai, chicken rendang, and char kuey tiow were all good today.
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