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Buffalo Trace Antique Collection


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Has anyone ever actually had success finding any of these in DC stores?  I've gone to Schneider's countless times over the past 5 years asking about it and never gotten anywhere.  I even went so far as to get a rep from Buffalo Trace to send me an excel spreadsheet of all the DC/MD stores they distribute to, but still nothing.  I would love to get my hands on a WLW, though I'd be giddy at the chance to grab any of them retail.

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In previous years, I've seen them in DC but for markups that are absurd even on the secondary market ($700 for last years GTS for example).  I haven't heard of a store in DC getting any, but I'm also not that plugged in.

I've been trying to hunt them down (I want a set to commemorate my daughters birth year that I can happily open at big life events, similar to getting birth year wines) but it's been trying.  VA is impossible but in Maryland there are places with waiting lists and the price gouging isn't nearly as bad as DC.

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