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Aldine, Chef George Sabatino's Fine, Second-Floor, Modern American at S. 19th and Chestnut Street -

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My wife and I dined at Aldine last night and had one of best restaurant experiences we've had since we moved to Philly this summer.  Despite the abandoned, boarded-up store downstairs, the upstairs space is great with a small, but very nice bar and lots of windows overlooking Chestnut Street..  We ate at the bar where the bartender made great cocktails and we enjoyed a nice selection of beers and wines by the glass.  The menu is nicely curated and highly seasonal with most ingredients sourced from local PA farms.  Highlights were the crudo of the day - a cured tile fish with grapefruit.  The curing gave the fish a really interesting firm texture - great dish.  The pork belly was probably the highlight of the meal - also cured on-site it was smoky and was so tender it flaked apart almost like a piece of fish.  We also enjoyed the fresh pork sausage, the oysters, and the trout.  All around great meal and great spot.


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