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So we met up with a fellow DRer during the major part of the storm at Pepita, and one quibble.  If on Twitter you are a restaurant and tweet that you are open during a storm, but your kitchen isn't open, you should say the bar is open.  He knew and texted me once we had left and we could have ventured on, but the very good drinks and conversation made us linger, but I distinctly remember the tweet saying they were open, not the bar was open.  

On the Wednesday of the ice storm (two days before the snow storm), I drove to Mount Vernon Square for dinner, only to be aghast at a locked door. I brought this up with the GM later (over a week later), and she didn't even realize that she had posted on Facebook, but not Twitter. I don't check Facebook for up-to-the-minute announcements; I check Twitter - she was horrified, but it was an oversight, and I was consoled by an *awesome* dinner at Corduroy, so all is forgiven (though it did take me *two hours* to drive six miles getting home). :(

Here's some really, really good advice to restaurateurs needing to make closure announcements: do it *both* on Twitter and Facebook after you announce it on donrockwell.com. :) (*)

Facebook is not enough. And if you're going to do it on Twitter, you might as well have your Tweets roll over onto your Facebook page (there's a way to set this up - write me if you need help, and I'll be glad to walk you through the very quick and easy process).

(*) In all seriousness, if you post your urgent announcement here, and ask me to Tweet it for you, I'll be happy to, and it will get to a wide audience very quickly. Make sure to email me as well in case I'm not on the website (send me a PM, and I'll write you back with my email address), and preferably send me a text message too. @dcdining has a pretty strong group of followers on Twitter, I'll ask people to spread the word, and I'm happy to help any restaurant out that writes me (a lot of newer places don't have tons of followers, and I enjoy helping people, so ... just ask!)

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