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The First Forward Pass in Football History (1906) - Thrown by Bradbury Robinson at Saint Louis University


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"The History Behind Football's First Forward Pass" on slu.edu

This year is the 110th anniversary of the first documented forward pass ever thrown in football, by Saint Louis University's Bradbury Robinson (who had quite an interesting life). Incidentally, SLU is the oldest university west of the Mississippi River, having been founded in 1818.

Termed the "Projectile Pass," it was the brainchild of coach Eddie Cochems. Robinson's first attempt was an incompletion, which (according to the rules at the time) automatically turned the ball over to the opponent, Carroll College (which, on Jul 1, 2009, became Carroll University) in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

On the next play, a second attempt was successfully completed to receiver Jack Schneider, who was 20 yards downfield in the endzone. The previous off-season, the new NCAA changed the rules to include the forward pass, because numerous players had been *killed* in 1905, due to all the action being constrained to the area around the line of scrimmage. You've probably seen the 1912 photo of people testing an early version of a football helmet, and now you know why they did.

Many people think head injuries are just now getting recognized in football, when, in fact, this has been going on for well over 100 years.

And now, if someone would kindly tell me what in the hell kind of liquor the person was drinking who decided on the Billiken as a mascot.

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