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Dominic Thiem (1993-), Austrian Tennis Player - A Top 10 World Singles Ranking as of June, 2016


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You've never heard of this guy, right?

Remember his name.

I just stumbled across a random video of him (*), and couldn't believe what I was seeing, and *really* couldn't believe I had no idea who he was before watching the video.

Then, I did a bit of research, and found this:

"Thiem Shocks Federer in Stuttgart 2016" on atpworldtour.com

This kid is *great*. You wonder how The Big Three (or The Big Four, depending on your perspective) will eventually be disrupted, and it's going to be from young players like Thiem - from the brief moments I saw, this kid is for real.

(*) Watching this video, I ask myself, "Is there any sport in the world that takes a greater toll on an athletes spine and pelvis than tennis?" Also, the video shows me how damned great Federer still is at age 34 - it's unbelievable what he can still do, and it takes a freak of nature like Djokovic to exploit the tiny cracks in his game.

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