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Moldova Restaurant - New York City's Only Authentic Moldavian Restaurant at 1827 Coney Island Avenue in Midland

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Second time at Moldova Restaurant, and a unique one at that. This is the one and only Moldavian restaurant in New York (maybe another one but this like the HQ) and having been to Moldova I can assure you the food is better then in Moldova (I didn't eat at someone home or anyting like that BUT I am sticking with my opinion it isn't a place you go for food delights....). It is certainly worth trying and while not quite as good as some of the Uzbek or Georgian restaurants for instances it is still pretty good AND it has dishes you can't find elsewhere easily. Every time I've been I've gotten Mămăligă which is polenta like and served with cheese and sour cream or other things. It reminds me of my trip there and I enjoy it. Is it the best dish ever or some carefully constructed dish no but it's nice still!! I also like some of their appetizers. I got the Kielbasa yesterday which was nice while I wasn't as big a fan of the pickles (veggies). I was really disappointed to have forgotten to order stuffed cabbage as I love stuffed cabbage so if someone goes report back on the cabbage please!!! Last time I got the herring which for me is a go to because I love pickled herring. I would even go as far to say that Pickled herring makes the world go round. I remember it being pretty good. Admittedly there has been a big gap since I was here last so my recall from last time is a bit limited (#sorry!!). Anyway, I digress, me and my friends all got the mămăligă which is still as on point as the last time I had it. You really can't find this dish easily and while some Romanian restaurants have it for Romanians it isn't quite as big a deal as it is in Moldova. EVERY RESTAURANT and indeed every meal I can remember had mămăligă with it. Soooooo the verdict is come here to try a cuisine you never get and it actually is better then just a novelty. I don't imagine it will knock your socks off BUT it's well worth a visit!!! Also if you ever want to do something in Europe that is a little different visiting Moldova is certainly quite the experience!!! 

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