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Internet Privacy, or Lack Thereof - Just How Far Does the Intrusiveness Go?


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Please read this, and spread the word if you will - quite honestly, it worries the hell out of me - I did not know things had become *this* Orwellian.

I don't mind companies or governments collecting aggregate data (I think a national medical database could be *extremely* beneficial to society, if physicians could make reports about conditions, treatments, efficacy, etc. assembled and used on an *aggregate* level), but when it gets down to the individual level, especially during a seemingly harmless, seemingly private Facebook chat ... I mind, and I mind a lot - not for "me" so much as the future of humanity.

Given the obscurity of the subject, and the timing of the ad, it seems almost impossible to me that it could have been a coincidence. Do note that I was on a Chromebook (developed by Google).

I don't know if it was Facebook, or Google, or both, but "Don't be evil" is beginning to remind me of a certain politician saying "Believe me!"

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